Writing ‘Red’, I was 21 and 22 and back then I think my priorities were different. My priorities were, I was very enamored by romance and the idea of that. At 24, at this point, I’m just really like, I just want to be with my friends, and I wanna make music, and I wanna play shows, and I wanna travel the world, and I want to define my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now which is different than it was a couple years ago.
Taylor Swift on the difference between writing ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ (x)


when someone shows you the receipts of your fav being problematic



Do you see yourself as the sexy, shirtless type?
[Laughs.] Don’t we all try and think of ourselves like that at some point in time?

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Shameless meme: 9 characters
"Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Veronica. What’s your pre-tax income?" (3/9)

Shameless + faceless

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